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Amid opposition from the United States, the United Nations approved the Covid-19 resolution

Amid opposition from the United States and Israel, the United Nations has passed a resolution calling for a “comprehensive and coordinated response” to the Kovid-19 epidemic. It also included recognition of the WHO’s leadership role.

Israel backed the United States in a vote on a UN resolution on Friday, the AFP news agency reported. Ukraine and Hungary were absent. Out of 193 countries, 189 voted in favor of the resolution. The proposal has been passed with wide support. The proposal has been under discussion since last May.

The proposal is being called a universal solution. Because, it has highlighted different aspects of the epidemic. It recognizes the key leadership role of the World Health Organization as well as the fundamental role of the UN system in coordinating and coordinating the global response to the epidemic.

The United States announced its withdrawal from the World Health Organization in July. Washington has accused the agency of mismanaging the Corona epidemic and delaying the issuance of a global alert.

By announcing the suspension of funding to the WHO in mid-April, Trump complained that the agency was approaching Beijing and speaking on their behalf. There are allegations of mismanagement of the Corona epidemic. He also called the World Health Organization a “puppet of China.”

The UN resolution calls for deep international cooperation and solidarity to mitigate and overcome the epidemic and its negative effects. Last March, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for an end to hostilities between countries fighting Corona.

The proposal calls for the immediate removal or removal of unreasonable barriers to accessing products that are essential in the fight against corona. It encourages countries to continue to provide food and agriculture and to pursue economic recovery projects in order to continue the fight against sustainable development and climate change.

However, before the vote, the United States failed in its attempt to remove a section on sexual and reproductive health in the proposal, which they objected to. Libya and Iraq voted to remove the clause. 120 countries voted in favor and 25 did not.


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