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Cut hair at home

A wave of black hair is falling on his head.

Flocks of bumblebees seem to be flying on the chest of flowers.

Today’s world wants to be ‘chic’ all the time, even though the wave of Khuki’s hair has come in the face of the poem ‘Alap’ by the village poet Jasimuddin. I want to cut my hair on time. I want a ‘haircut’ as I like. So if you feel the need to run to the beauty center. This was happening till the time of Corona.

In the nineties, there was little opportunity for girls in Mooseball to get institutional support for haircuts. Mothers used to cut their hair. This has happened in the childhood of this reporter. Beyond those days, the practice of professional haircuts has started for many years. In the event of an epidemic, let’s cut the hair again in the opposite direction. Cutting their own hair at home, let’s go back again. Going to cut hair with inexperienced hands can be a fun experience. Maybe the ‘cut’ of the hair was not right, it became a high and low wave! Or one side is right, and the other side is in a state of disarray.

Cut hair at home

Even without experience, many are forced to cut their hair at home now. Haircuts are required for at least three consecutive months. But big hair is also beautiful. It has to be cut very short, that is not the case. Tanjima Sharmin, a cosmetologist at Munich Bridal, thinks that hair care should be given more time than cutting hair at home during ‘house arrest’. Only cut hair at home if it is urgent, otherwise it is better not to cut hair experimentally. In the end, the whole look can be ruined and upset.

You may have to go back to the institutional service center to lose shape by cutting with inexperienced hands at home. Cut as much as you can at home. If the situation is normal, he seeks the help of an expert. Without it, all kinds of ‘cuts’ will not be good at home. Hair finishing, that is, after cutting, requires an experienced hand to fix everything.

Long hair can be difficult to cut yourself. Someone else’s help can be taken at home. The girl’s hair can be cut. But he must be confident about cutting his hair. You can get some intelligence by watching videos from the internet. However, before applying the method shown in the video to your hair, understand it well. Otherwise you may feel endangered in the middle.

Hair should be cut little by little
Hair should be cut little by little

There are some things to keep in mind when cutting hair at home. Let’s find out from Tanjima Sharmin:

Hair oil and dirt must be cleaned before cutting hair. The tangle must be removed before cutting the hair.

Hair cutting clips (setting clips), thin tooth combs, separate scissors or trimmers are required for hair cutting. Cutting hair with scissors that are used for other purposes can cause hair loss. So haircut scissors have to be different. Without it, if there are no sharp scissors, there is pressure on the place where the hair is being cut. If you need to spray or spray water, keep it near the spray bottle, but you do not need to wet your hair when using the trimmer.

It is better to wear an apron made of synthetic fiber (polyester fabric) when cutting hair. If not, you can use silk or georgette scarf. Wrap even in a towel. Clothes should be taken so that the hair is not stuck.

Special brushes are available to clean the cut hair from the skin. If you do not have such a brush at home, you can use a blush-on brush. Fabrics or tissues can also be used instead of soft brushes. With any of these, small parts of hair can be removed using powder. So keep all these at hand.

Do not cut the hair in a place in the house where the hair may be lying in the corner of the room or behind the furniture. Cut the hair in the open. But not on the porch. Hair will fly in the air. The fan should be kept off while cutting hair even in the house.

Cut hair at home

The lesson of fighting
Cut a little at a time without cutting a lot of hair at once. Then there is a chance to fix the size and shape of the hair even if you don’t like it.

If you use a trimmer, you can set the number according to the size of the hair. It is possible to reach the correct size by running the trimmer repeatedly.

After tying the hair with ponytail and cutting the hair, after opening it, there will be different layers of hair, i.e. ‘layer’. If you have experience, you can try to cut different parts of the hair in layers.

If you want to cut your hair in English ‘U’ or ‘V’ shape, you have to comb the hair on the right and left side by combing it in the middle of the head and run the scissors according to the angle required for the desired shape. Then the two sides will form a U or V shape (cut like that). If you want to cut the hair evenly, cut the hair in two in the same way. Not only in this case, but also the hair should be cut evenly. However, without experience, it is very difficult to cut the hair evenly.

If you want to make different size hair (step cut) step by step, you can divide all the hair of the head into three different parts. Separate the hairs from one ear to the other (back part or bottom part) along the part from where you want to separate the hair strands. The rest of the hair should be divided into right and left. Then cut the hair to the desired shape.

After the haircut
Since there is usually no apron for cutting hair at home, it is better to take a bath after cutting hair. Otherwise a small part of the cut hair can cause discomfort. However, if you want, you can take the help of powder and soft brush to remove small hair. Finally, be sure to clean the area where the hair has been cut.

For the baby
Similar measures should be taken to cut the baby’s hair at home. Trimmer

Rates can be made. However, it is better not to try to give any complicated cut to the baby’s hair. Rather choose something that is easy to cut, so that the child can be comfortable.

The mother took care of her daughter’s hair
The mother took care of her daughter’s hair


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