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In Japan, the Olympics revolve around the corona

The coronavirus epidemic is not over yet. In Japan alone, 228 people were newly infected with the coronavirus in the capital, Tokyo, on Saturday. A day ago this number was 16. The total number of people infected with corona in the Japanese capital has exceeded 22,000 so far. But even then, Corona seemed to be slowly moving away from the main discussion. Corona’s regular presence on the front page of the daily newspaper is no longer seen that way. The situation with television news is similar. There are, of course, multiple reasons why this is happening.

Many people say that people are tired and exhausted due to the corona that has been going on for about seven months. They want to talk about something else now, something they want to see and hear now. As a result, this situation is a lot like surrendering oneself to fate. In other words, even if Corona stays, people are not as worried about it as before.

The second reason is that people learn to live with Corona. Although it was initially said that there was no cure for coronavirus, the number of deaths has been steadily declining despite the discovery of a vaccine. It is believed that corona has remained cured in conventional medicine. And this is the reason why people are dying less now than before. As a result, a kind of certainty has been created in people’s thinking. And this thought is boosting people’s morale.

The latest reason for this is the recklessness in people’s minds. This is also due to the long-term presence of the disease. Social creatures no longer see people moving away from society as an alternative to survival; Rather, he sees it as an obstacle in the way of normal life. There is no harm in ignoring it. As a result, Corona no longer has a dominant presence as the main topic of any discussion. However, it is said that Corona is not in the discussion at all, but it is not. Corona is there, albeit indirectly, as seen in some recent comments and conversations about the postponed 2020 Olympics.

Because of Corona, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the organizing committee of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have had to take an unprecedented step in the history of the modern Olympics. They have postponed the hosting of the Olympics by one year by keeping the venue fixed. However, the question of whether the Olympics can be held at all according to the new schedule has not been resolved. As a result, there is a lot of talk in the market, a buzz of imagination in the air. Some say they have assumed that the Olympics will not happen. Others are talking about the limited size of the Olympic Games. IOC Vice President John Coates was heard to be the first to comment on the issue from within the organizers. He told AFP on Monday that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics would be held on time, whether Corona or not. Coates is also the head of the IOC’s coordinating commission for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Coates added that these games will be games to conquer the coronavirus and he will see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, he did not say where the light came from, but immediately after his remarks, others associated with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics began to speak in the same tone.

Seiko Hashimoto, the minister in charge of the Tokyo Olympics in Japan’s cabinet, spoke a day after IOC officials presented their views to the French news agency. Hashimoto believes the 2020 Tokyo Olympics should be held according to a changed schedule at any cost.

Newly built stadium for the Olympics in Japan
Newly constructed stadium for Olympics in Japan Photo: AFP
Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike also said in a statement that he also thinks that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics must be held next year, no matter which way. At the leadership level, there is a determination to host the Olympics next year. However, the people of Japan are not looking at the possibility of the Olympics with the same confidence. Some recent opinion polls have shown a drop in public enthusiasm for the Olympics in Japan. The idea is that only one in four people in Japan thinks the Olympics should be held next year.

Meanwhile, the Japanese government is considering easing restrictions on sporting events to make it easier to host the Olympics. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, more than 5,000 spectators have not been allowed to attend any venue under the control imposed by the government. If control is maintained until the Olympics, the glamor of the international sports festival will largely fade. Again, the organizers will have to face huge financial losses. To avoid that fear, the government is now consulting with experts on lifting the visitor control ban in a few days.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus has not left, there have been positive comments from various quarters about the organization of the Olympics, but IOC President Thomas Bach has finally made some cautious remarks. And with that, the uncertainty surrounding the Tokyo Olympics is not going away. Speaking to reporters after a meeting of the IOC’s executive board in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Wednesday, Bach said there was no complete answer to the question of whether the Olympics would be held at a rescheduled time between progress in vaccine discovery and speeding up virus detection tests. Thomas Bach has given a somewhat abstract answer to the question of whether the Olympics will be without spectators due to the coronavirus if the Olympics are to be held with the changed schedule. His words, ‘Uncertain is the same


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