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Corona vaccine coming out later this year: Fausi

Anthony Fawcett, the top infectious disease specialist in the United States, said at least one corona vaccine would receive urgent approval from the US Food and Drug Administration later this year or early next year. However, it will not be immediately available to everyone.

According to CNN, Fawcett made the remarks in an interview with MSNBC’s Andre Mitchell. He said the process of collecting, distributing and administering the vaccines to the majority of the population would be completed by mid-2021.

Fawcett added on Friday that the year 2021 could be the end of the year for coronavirus infection to return to normal. In a series of interviews that day, Fawcett said the vaccine would help prevent coronary heart disease. But caution is also needed.

He also talked about keeping frozen vaccines frozen in the Global Fight Webinar. “People are not doing what they need to do to prevent coronavirus infection,” Fawcett said in a statement. This situation needs to be controlled by making changes in lifestyle. But I’m disappointed in the way people are doing.

Fauci added that TV footage showed people filling bars and restaurants in several countries and cities. I was surprised. Young people in particular think they will not get seriously ill if they are infected with the coronavirus. That is why they are not aware of the issue.

Fawcett called on people to be aware of coronavirus infections as well as common cold infections.


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